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Quiet Corner Physical Therapy FAQs

Quiet Corner Physical Therapy FAQs2022-10-19T09:40:08+00:00


Have a look at our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please reach out anytime.

Why should I choose a private practice physical therapist such as Quiet Corner PT?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

We think private practice PT is the most complete treatment one can get for their treatment. Not only can we prep the body for a treatment, but we can also utilize manual therapy, mobility exercises, manual stretches, and customized exercise.  Combining all of these aspects doesn’t make you choose between all of the options.

Do you provide acupuncture care?2022-10-19T09:37:12+00:00

We provide Dry Needling – Dry Needling is a very successful medical treatment which uses very thin needles without any medication.  Dry Needling is used to treat pain and many aspects of dysfunction. This is NOT the same as acupuncture. Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine involving their own medical theory.  Dry Needling is a western medicine technique derived from trigger point injections. In dry needling there is a medical diagnosis and scientific understanding of this medical approach. This does NOT follow a meridian based approach and isn’t used to affect energy flow.

What if my problem or pain returns?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

We understand this worry so we take the time to make you understand your problem and ways to improve it yourself based on your knowledge of the problem.  If it ever becomes more than that, we’re always here for you.

What happens after physical therapy?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Aft PT you’ll have exercises and knowledge of your problem to keep pain and dysfunction at bay.  If it ever becomes too much we’re always here for support.

Can my therapist provide me with a diagnosis?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Your physical therapists are an important part of your medical team, but a medical diagnosis is made by your physician.

Do I have to do exercises at home?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

We may suggest some exercise that you can do at home to assist in your treatment, these exercises will be customized to fit your specific needs and abilities. We encourage participation in physical therapy exercises at home. If you take the time and effort to complete your physical therapy exercises at home, you will feel better faster and make much more significant progress during the course of your physical therapy treatment.

Will I get a massage at physical therapy?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Physical therapists perform a variety of massage techniques including Active Release Therapy.  Physical therapists use massage therapy, also known as manual therapy, to help your body heal. Physical therapy massage is different however, from a regular spa massage, which typically provides relief from muscle pain and tension. PT massage is focused on rehabilitating muscle and joint strength, mobility, and function.

What types of treatment will I receive?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

There are many options!!! We will evaluate your individual needs and make a plan custom fit to you.

Will physical therapy be painful?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

The old adage of Pain and Torture has really been improved.  If we are trying to decrease muscle tension, adding pain to a treatment really works against us.  Keep in mind that there will be times where we work though pain, but with good communication, there should be minimal pain or discomfort.  We can modify treatments, stretches, and exercises to reduce pain.  In many circumstances, the pain you feel is moving through a range that you hadn’t move through in a while.  This pain would be present as you improved with or without PT.  We can help ensure that it would be needed or is unnecessary depending on on your specific case.

How does the billing process work?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Our documentation is tied directly into our billing system.  The employees in our billing department carefully watch for issues with billing and can check explanation of benefits.  These are the responses from the insurance companies from our billing of treatments.

What will my treatment cost?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

This depends 100 percent on the insurance there are agreements between the insurance companies and PT.  We have to enforce their rules and regulations.  If there is a deductible, copay, or coinsurance, we will let you know the details as we are able to get in touch with the insurance company.  This is designed to be within the first two days after your evaluation.  If you have questions directly for your insurance company, typically the phone number is on the back of the insurance card and can answer it more specifically prior to your first visit.  If your treatment depends on on knowing, please call us before your first visit and we can run the insurance with all the plan knowledge.  Cash options are available if needed, please inquire about these if that’s a route you’d be interested in.

What do physical therapists do exactly?2022-06-02T14:13:33+00:00

Physical therapists work with patients to improve their movement, mobility, strength and quality of life. Through physical therapy, patients learn strategies, techniques, and exercises that help them recover from their injuries and manage pain through treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. Physical therapists also instruct patients in home exercises or recommend modifications at work to prevent future problems.

How many visits will I need?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

This question depends on the diagnosis and treatment plan of each individual case.  Patients have met their goals during the first visit and some have treated with us for months to reach their goals.  The treatment plan will be tailored to each patient and a prognosis will be discussed with the patient at the conclusion of the evaluation.  Patients are re-assessed after 10 visits of 4 weeks to update the prognosis.

Does your facility provide handicapped access?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Absolutely!  We have handicapped parking, doorways, bathrooms, and treatment tables.

Are services available for my intellectually disabled loved one?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Yes!  We treat patients with a wide variety of intellect abilities.  In the rare event that our clinic isn’t the most appropriate setting for the patient, we’d be happy to make suggestions where the patient would be serviced more appropriately.

Are services available for my elderly loved one?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Yes!  It’s not uncommon to see patients in their 80s and 90s at PT! We have special training to work with elderly patients. Some of the common treatments for elderly patients involve treatments for arthritis, pain, balance, strength, and endurance.

Are services available if I don’t speak English?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Yes!  We have technology that translates phrases from 100 different languages.  If anyone feels more comfortable having a friend or relative translate for them, we welcome them.

How long will each appointment be?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes and treatment times vary based on diagnosis and where people are in their treatment journey.  A typical treatment last 40-45 minutes at our clinic.

How should I dress when I come to therapy appointments?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Loose fitting clothing is typically preferred so we can access the area being treated.  Dresses and skirts are sometimes difficult to stretch in if coming for a back and lower extremity issue.

What do I need to bring with me to my first appointment?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

On your first appointment, you’d need:

1) Insurance card (if going through your insurance)

2) ID, typically your driver’s license

3) Prescription from your doctor if you were given one (not required for some insurances)

4) We recommend bringing your medication list and diagnostics if any were taken (X-rays, MRI, etc.)

5) Please we’re clothing that we can access the area being addressed with PT.

6) Please arrive 10 minutes early on your first appointment to fill out the new patient paperwork if not already filled out online.

Have a look at our new patient page for important downloads

Do you provide chiropractic care?2022-10-19T09:36:44+00:00

Chiropractic care is a valuable but separate discipline in medicine.  While we do improve joint mobility in range of motion, if Chiropractic care is what someone needs, we’d be happy to refer you to a trusted specialist in your area.

What’s the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy?2022-06-03T19:20:38+00:00

So what exactly is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy? Many of you have probably heard of both terms, but do not know what to make of them because they sound similar. The difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy is that a physical therapist (PT) focuses on improving a patient’s ability to move their body, whereas an occupational therapist (OT) focuses on improving patients’ fine motor skills to help them improve their ability to perform small but important every day living tasks.

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