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Our patients are great; we make them better!

Our therapists and patients work together to determine the best goals for their injury and lifestyle.

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Quiet Corner Physical Therapy CT

Our clinic has many things that make us different!

Our compassionate staff’s number one concern is your well being.

Our dedicated staff is devoted to making your physical therapy as enjoyable an experience as possible.  Our individualized care and treatment plans set us apart from some of our competition.

We Treat …

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Sports Injuries

  • Runners Injuries

  • Fractures

  • Chronic Pain


We Offer Continued Care – A great combination of PT and a gym membership! Ask for details.

Don’t just take our word for it …

Molly Truesdale
Molly Truesdale
Our family has enjoyed going to QCPT for a few years for various needs. The staff is very skilled and professional. We recommend. 5 stars!!
Alan Sill
Alan Sill
This place is awesome! Greg, vee, Sydney, Jennifer, Alex, Tyler were great! Very helpful. They teach you how to do your own exercises so you can do them at home. They don't rush you so you don't do extra damage. It's very relaxed atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs help. Thank you guys so much with my lower back pain!
Judith Holt
Judith Holt
Top of the line in knowledge and comfort. I really like each person that I work with, always there to help me improve
Kathleen Kosiba
Kathleen Kosiba
Dr. Frederick Barks Jr
Dr. Frederick Barks Jr
I'm currently there after a knee replacement. Greg and the staff are exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and caring. The office atmosphere is very welcoming.
Kristi Keating
Kristi Keating
As someone with chronic neck and back pain from degeneration and prior surgeries and an autoimmune connective tissue disorder, I’ve been going to physical therapy intermittently since 2010. I’ve received treatment at 10 different facilities in MA, NY and now where I’ve settled down in CT in 2015. I started going to QCPT in May 2019 and go there for all my physical therapy needs having been to two other local facilities and another in Norwich. I’ve found that not only are Greg and his team exceptionally experienced in evaluation and treatment of a variety of structural issues and injuries but they also create a caring and friendly environment that leaves me feeling uplifted as well as in less pain by the end of the appointment.
Kathy Card
Kathy Card
Greg and his staff are fantastic. Very kind and helpful. Greg knows just what i need to feel better and does it.
Essential Superheroes
Essential Superheroes
Scott B
Scott B

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