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Our patients are great; we make them better!

Our therapists and patients work together to determine the best goals for their injury and lifestyle.

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Quiet Corner Physical Therapy CT

Our clinic has many things that make us different!

Our compassionate staff’s number one concern is your well being.

Our dedicated staff is devoted to making your physical therapy as enjoyable an experience as possible.  Our individualized care and treatment plans set us apart from some of our competition.

We Treat …

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Sports Injuries

  • Runners Injuries

  • Fractures

  • Chronic Pain


We Offer Continued Care – A great combination of PT and a gym membership! Ask for details.

Don’t just take our word for it …

Without Greg and his team, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I truly love like mountain biking! I highly recommend them to anyone who has lost hope in healing … there IS hope because there is Quiet Corner PT!

Jodi E.

Greg is an outstanding PT and even better person. He is knowledgeable, caring and really takes his time to develop a personal connection to every person he comes in contact with. I highly recommend Quiet Corner Physical Therapy.
Andy M.
The staff is very friendly and have been pivotal in my wrist recovery!
Jennifer H.
I am very happy with the quality assistance I receive here. They are always able to direct me in new exercises to reach my goals. I really appreciate the friendliness while they are helping me. Go team! definitely a 5/5 rating!
Judith H.
Can’t say enough about Greg and his team! They are just phenomenal and truly care for all their clients!
Rebecca R.
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