It’s Important to Walk Safely in The Snow and Ice

It’s Important to Walk Safely in The Snow and Ice

The penguins have it right! They know exactly how to walk safely in the snow and ice. Otherwise, those little guys would be slipping and sliding the day away. So, how do penguins do it? It’s all about the waddle. In essence waddling provides penguins with the ability to keep their balance. That balance is how they can quickly get across slippery surfaces without slipping and falling. If you don’t know how to waddle or aren’t sure how to do it, please keep reading.

Waddling is actually fairly easy. There are only three steps, pun intended. First and foremost, do not, we repeat do not kick your legs back with each stride that you take. Instead, take small and calculated steps. The next step is to keep your torso straight and in line with your legs. That’s easier done than said. Simply stand up straight and keep your torso in a straight line with your legs. That way, you will gain control over both your balance and your footing. The last step in the waddling like a penguin process is to keep your arms at your side.

Although it’s completely natural to swing your arms when walking, this can be detrimental on snowy and or icy surfaces because it will throw you off balance. When you keep your arms to the side when walking on snow and or ice, you won’t lose your center of gravity.

In addition to walking like a penguin, there are a few other things you can do in order to avoid slipping and falling when walking on snow and or ice. For example, you should give yourself extra time because it takes longer to waddle on snow and ice than it does to walk on a clear and dry surface. You should also wear boots or shoes that give you traction on slippery surfaces. Rubber and neoprene composite souls will give you far better traction compared to leather or plastic souls. Speaking of boots and shoes, avoid wearing footwear that has heels.

Here’s another good tip. Be extra cautious when getting in and out of vehicles, entering or leaving buildings, and climbing exterior stairs. It makes sense to move slower, and keep your center or gravity over your support leg, and keep your hands out of your pockets.

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