Proprioception and Balance Can Help You Move and Feel Better

If you have been injured recently and are currently having a hard time with mobility and normal function, we have some good news to share with you. You may very well benefit from a form of physical therapy called proprioception and balance. Along with a strength and range of motion program so that you will start feeling significantly better now and in the future. At this point you’re probably curious what proprioception and balance actually is. In essence, proprioception is the body’s way of knowing where it is within the environment.

The bottom line is that it provides you with the ability to move around without the need of thinking about the moves that you are making. Basically, proprioception is the ability to move your body in an unconscious manner. Balance provides your body with the ability to remain upright in either a seated or standing stance. So, how does proprioception actually work? Your muscles and joints contain nerve endings that transmit information to your brain regarding the various positions that your muscles and joints are in.

Other nerve endings inform your brain which direction your muscles should move in and how fast they should move. All of this data provides your brain with the ability to understand where your body parts are, how they are moving, and how fast they are supposed to move without you actually thinking about it. However, both your proprioception and balance can be negatively affected after a surgery, illness, or injury. Proprioception and balance training with a qualified physical therapist can help you get your mobility back.

Just about everyone, including athletes, can benefit from proprioception and balance training. It is an incredibly important aspect of physical therapy for patients with foot and knee injuries. When most patients think about physical therapy they picture exercises that improve their range of motion and or strength. However, improving your proprioception and balance is just as important in most cases.

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There are many things that make Quiet Corner Physical Therapy different. First and foremost, our dedicated staff is completely devoted to making your physical therapy experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We pride ourselves on providing each and every one of our patients with industry leading individualized care and treatment plans. The number one concern of our compassionate staff is your well being. Quiet Corner has the unique ability to utilize the most effective treatment techniques and services including cupping, paraffin, dry needling, mobility tools, E-stim, TENS, taping, traction, and joint/soft tissue mobilization just to name a few.

Our entire team truly cares about educating our patients because we know how much of an important role it plays in your overall healing process. We’re also proud of the fact that we use the latest technology to show you exactly where the problem is occurring. It also goes a long way in helping us to improve your current situation.

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