Does Artificial Turf Increase the Risk of Sports Injuries

Does Artificial Turf Increase the Risk of Sports Injuries?

The use of artificial turf has been mired in controversy since the surface was first installed approximately forty (40) years ago, but does artificial turf actually increase the risk of sports injuries? It didn’t take long for doctors and trainers to notice that players were getting injured at a higher rate when playing on artificial turf versus playing on grass. For example, the amount of ankle sprains, torn anterior cruciate ligaments or ACL’s for short, and concussions started spiking. In addition, other injuries, such as turf toe and turf burns were only caused by playing on artificial turf.

Many players also claimed that they were suffering from far more muscle soreness when playing on artificial turf compared to playing on natural grass. However, artificial turf products have come a long way in recent years. In fact, modern artificial turf are usually infill surfaces. That means they are filled with either rubber or silica pellets that simulate the dirt between the blades of natural grass. The purpose is to provide more cushion to the artificial turf, while simulating a far more natural grass like surface.

Even with the recent advancements in artificial turf fields, the effect on injuries is still a major controversy. The vast majority of athletes would still rather play on a natural grass surface. However, natural grass fields are also not free from causing major injuries. For example, if a grass surface is not properly maintained it can also vastly increase the injury rate to athletes who play on it. For example, players can easily trip on divots and or small holes in the natural grass surface. In addition, cold weather can take a heavy toll on natural grass fields.

They also become far more dangerous when frozen due to how hard the surface becomes. The bottom line is that currently the best field conditions regarding avoidance of injuries and playability are still to be determined. Either way, sports related injuries can and will continue to occur.

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