Physical Therapy Solutions for Back and Neck Pain

Physical Therapy Solutions for Back and Neck Pain

Did you know that physical therapy is one of the best treatments for back and neck pain?  Furthermore, the majority of physical therapy programs involve applying treatments that reduce pain and/or stiffness to the point that the patient can start an exercise program that both strengthens and stretches the back and or neck. Of course, the specified treatments, methods, and exercises that are utilized in physical therapy tend to vary from patient to patient. The main goals are to significantly reduce both pain and stiffness in the back and or neck.

They also include improving the patient’s range of motion, developing the strengthening of the back and neck and the supporting muscles, and enabling strategies that prevent the pain from occurring in the first place. The patient’s back and neck pain may not be totally eliminated through physical therapy. However, it’s still an important piece of the puzzle that helps the patient’s daily movements, overall function, and posture. So, when is physical therapy necessary? In essence, a patient may very well benefit from physical therapy when back and neck pain lingers, and the diagnosis hasn’t completely discovered the issue.

Increasing the strength of the back and neck muscles will certainly go a long way in supporting the spine even if an exact diagnosis has not been made. It will also help the back and neck areas become more resistant to pain. Physical therapy is also highly suggested if the patient is recovering from a back and or neck injury. For example, injuries such as whiplash tend to cause problems with the soft tissue in the back, neck and joints. The end result can be both pain and stiffness that may last for extended periods of time.

The good news is that physical therapy typically reduces the pain and stiffness. In turn, the back and neck will return to normal function. Last but certainly not least, physical therapy for back and neck pain is highly recommended for patients who are in recovery from surgery. Did you know that many surgeries that are performed on the back and neck result in a tremendous amount of pain and stiffness for weeks or even months after the surgery is performed? Physical therapy may very well help the patient to better deal with the stiffness, increase back and neck function, and reduce or prevent painful spasms as the muscles are reconditioned.

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